Hidraumak Soluções Hidráulicas privacy policy

Hidraumak Soluções Hidráulicas’ privacy and data protection policy was created to ensure the privacy of information collected from customers or users. This document clarifies the procedures for the collection, use and storage of personal data on the Hidraumak Soluções Hidráulicas portal, in compliance with the Brazilian legislation currently in force in terms of privacy and protection of personal data in Brazil, in particular Law No. 13.709 / 2018 , as amended (General Personal Data Protection Law – “LGPD”).

We request and recommend that you take the time to read this document.

1 – Definitions
For the purposes of this privacy policy, the following definitions apply:
Cookies: Files sent by the Portal server to the Visitors’ computer, in order to identify the
computer and obtain access data, such as browsed pages or clicked links, thus allowing to personalize the
Visitors’ navigation on the Portal, according to their profile.
Hidraumak Soluções Hidráulicas: Name used in this document to identify the controller and owner
of this Portal, Hidraumak Máquinas Hidráulicas Ltda, registered under number 04.355.726./0001-06, headquartered in the city of
Novo Hamburgo / RS, Rua Amarante, nº 85, Liberdade neighborhood, CEP 93330-340
IP: Abbreviation for Internet Protocol. It is a set of numbers that identifies the Visitors’ computer on the Internet.
Logs: Records of Visitors’ activities carried out on the Portal.
Portal: Designates the electronic address www.hidraumak.com.br and its subdomains.
Visitor: Anyone who browses the Portal.
User: Visitors who are authenticated in the Portal system.
Web beacons: Programming lines in HTML pages that have the purpose of obtaining details of the user’s navigation,
such as how long it was with the Portal open, which address was visited next, among others.
2 – Obtaining data and information
2.1 – Data and information will be obtained when Visitors interact with the various functionalities existing in the
Portal, providing information voluntarily, as in the “Contact” section, for example.

3 – Data and information storage
3.2 – All data and information collected from Visitors will be incorporated into the Portal’s database, being their
responsible for Hidraumak Soluções Hidráulicas.
3.2 – The collected data and information will be stored in a safe environment, observing the state of the art
available, and can only be accessed by qualified people authorized by Hidraumak Soluções Hidráulicas.
3.3 – Considering that no security system is absolutely safe, Hidraumak Soluções Hidráulicas is exempt
any liability for any damages and / or losses arising from failures, viruses or invasions of the database.
Portal data, except in cases of intent or fault for the same.
3.4 – Hidraumak Soluções Hidráulicas collects only the information that is essential for the viability of your business.

4 – Use of data and information
4.1 – The data and information collected from the Visitors may be used for the following purposes:
a) Responding to any doubts and requests from Visitors;
b) Compliance with legal or judicial order;
c) Constitute, defend or regularly exercise rights in the judicial or administrative sphere;
d) Develop general statistics to identify the profile of Visitors and develop Hidraumak campaigns
Hydraulic Solutions, but without performing personal identification;
e) To guarantee the safety of the Visitors;
f) Keeping Visitors’ records updated for purposes of contact by telephone, electronic mail, SMS, direct mail or
by other means of communication;
g) Inform about news, promotions and events of Hidraumak Soluções Hidráulicas and its partners
4.2 – The database collected by the Portal Hidraumak Soluções Hidráulicas will not be shared, sold, ceded,
transferred, informed or rented to third parties.
4.3 – The acquired data can only be accessed by professionals duly authorized by Hidraumak
Hydraulic Solutions, respecting the need to which they will be submitted, the relevance to the objectives of the Portal and to the
interests of users, in addition to preserving the privacy of users.
4.4 – If the User stops using the services offered by the Portal, Hidraumak Soluções Hidráulicas may, for purposes of
audit and preservation of rights, remain with the registration of your data and information, for a maximum period of
(five) years, with the option of permanently excluding them at their convenience.
5 – Data subject and personal information rights
5.2 – As a holder of personal data, you can contact Hidraumak Soluções Hidráulicas to
exercise certain rights, in order to request:
a) Confirmation of the existence of the processing of your personal data;
b) Access to your data;
c) Correction of your incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data;
d) Anonymizing, blocking or deleting your data that is unnecessary, excessive, or treated in
non-compliance with the provisions of the applicable legislation;
e) The elimination of your personal data, except in the cases provided for in the applicable legislation;
f) Information about the possibility of you not providing consent and the consequences of your refusal;
g) Opposition to any processing of personal data in which your consent is waived, provided that the
non-compliance with the provisions of the applicable legislation and safeguarding the public interest that may justify the continuity of the
6 – Cookies
6.1 – The Portal may make use of cookies, with the Visitors being able to configure their Internet browser, if they wish
block them. In this case, some features of the Portal may be limited.
6.2 – Also, the Portal may use web beacons to collect data on the behavior of visitors to the pages, where the
installation of files on visitors’ equipment is not necessary.
6.3 – Other technologies may be used to obtain navigation data by the user, however, they will respect
always in accordance with the terms of this policy and the user’s options regarding its collection and storage.

7 – General provisions
7.1 – The provisions of this Privacy Policy may be updated or modified at any time,
it is up to the Visitors to check it whenever accessing the Portal.
7.2 – Visitors should contact in case of any doubt regarding the provisions contained in this
Privacy Policy through the “Contact” Section.
7.3 – The user when placing information in a public area of ​​the Hidraumak Soluções Hidráulicas Portal is aware that
they will be available to other Portal Visitors and Users.
7.4 – Hidraumak Soluções Hidráulicas cannot control what the Visitors and Users do of the information published in the
Portal. Remember that any information disclosed in these areas may become public information and that, therefore, it is
important caution and common sense when publishing any content.

8 – Applicable law and jurisdiction
8.1 – This Privacy Policy will be interpreted according to Brazilian law, in the Portuguese language, being elected the
Novo Hamburgo District Court in the state of Rio Grande do Sul to settle any dispute, question or doubt
supervenient, with express waiver of any other, however privileged it may be.

Hidraumak Máquinas Hidráulicas Ltda